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The best dragon type pokémon in Pokémon Go

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The best winged serpent type pokémon are customarily areas of strength for exceptionally, so you’ll need some your ally in Pokémon Go. In this aide, we’ll make sense of their assets and shortcomings as well as which are awesome to watch out for.

Mythical serpent type pokémon are probably the most remarkable beasts that anyone could hope to find in all of the best Pokémon games, and Pokémon Go is the same. They come in many structures, from the fearsome Rayquaza to the more cordial looking (yet fearsome by its own doing!) Dragonite. Notwithstanding, as you can see on our Pokémon Go sort diagram, they have their own specific adequacy and weaknesses to consider. You’ll have to realize these while bringing one into a fight, whether you need to beat an exercise center, a Team Rocket part, or a companion or outsider in the game’s PvP mode.

Additionally, with so many solid competitors, it tends to be hard to realize just which are the best mythical serpent type pokémon in Pokémon Go. You’ll have to know which ones to catch and put assets towards preparing if you have any desire to carry your group to triumph.

Continue to peruse to understand what those are, as well as the particular qualities and shortcomings of the winged serpent type pokémon and where you could possibly track down them on your experiences all through the world in Pokémon Go.

The best mythical beast type pokémon in Pokémon Go


Winged serpent type pokémon are impervious to fire, water, grass, and electric sort assaults. What’s more, mythical serpent type assaults are additionally really compelling against other mythical beast type pokémon.


Mythical beast type pokémon are helpless against ice, pixie, and other winged serpent type assaults. Mythical serpent type assaults are likewise not exceptionally compelling against steel and particularly pixie type pokémon.



Rayquaza is a strong unbelievable pokémon accessible in Pokémon Go. It likewise has a Mega Evolution for significantly more power, so gather Mega Energy and use it when you need to have a particularly impressive fight.

Rayquaza is accessible from five-star Raid Battles. Be that as it may, the pool of pokémon accessible in strikes is continually changing, so it may not be imaginable to get a Rayquaza. Watch out for when it gets back to the Raid Battle pool.

Rayquaza is a winged serpent and flying sort Pokemon. It is impervious to battling, bug, fire, water, and particularly ground and grass type assaults. Be that as it may, it is defenseless against rock, winged serpent, pixie, and particularly ice type assaults.


Giratina is major areas of strength for an in Pokémon Go, and is a particularly famous decision in PvP fights.

It comes in two structures. Its Origin structure has more safeguard, while its Altered structure has more assault and is typically viewed as better. Both can be found in five-star Raid Battles. Like all legendaries, notwithstanding, it experiences the drawback that the pool of Pokémon that can show up in these fights is continually evolving.

Giratina is a phantom and winged serpent type pokémon. It will take less harm from bug, electric, battling, fire, grass, ordinary, toxic substance, and water type assaults. In any case, it is defenseless against dull, mythical serpent, pixie, phantom, and ice type assaults.


Palkia is one more winged serpent type unbelievable that is a decent choice for engaging in Pokémon Go.

Yet again remember that incredible pokémon are just accessible through Raid Battles, so not every one of them are accessible consistently. Make certain to check whether Palkia is accessible while you’re looking for it, and assuming that it is, bunch up for certain companions to take on the Raid Battle.

Palkia is a water and winged serpent type pokémon, so it is impervious to steel and particularly fire and water type assaults. Be that as it may, it is defenseless against mythical serpent and pixie type assaults.


One more Legendary mythical serpent type pokémon, Dialga has serious areas of strength for a detail that makes it extraordinary for taking out rivals rapidly.

Anyway by and by, it won’t generally be accessible due to the pokémon in Raid Battles trading in and out. Ideally with so many solid winged serpent type legendaries, you will actually want to find no less than one that is as of now in the pool.

Dialga is a steel and winged serpent type pokémon. It is impervious to ordinary, flying, rock, bug, steel, water, electric, mystic, and particularly toxin and grass type assaults. Be that as it may, it is as yet powerless against battling and ground type assaults.


For a pokémon which is certainly not an incredible and can be found all the more effectively, consider garchomp, which likewise has an extremely high assault detail.

Garchomp can basically be advanced from Gible and Gabite utilizing confections. Watch out for Gible in the wild, stroll with one as your pal, and feed them berries in exercise centers to get together all the treats you want to get one.

Garchomp is a mythical serpent and ground type pokémon. It is impervious to harm, rock, fire, and particularly electric sort assaults. Notwithstanding, it is powerless to mythical serpent, pixie, and particularly ice type assaults.

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