What should be done if your Android cell phone is lost, taken or lost

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Priorities straight: Dial your telephone and check in the event that somebody gets

In the event that you’ve coincidentally left it some place like an eatery, taxi, or at home, all things considered, somebody probably tracked down it. Dial your telephone number from some other telephone and check assuming somebody accepts the call. Then you can arrange with that individual to pick your telephone.

Block your SIM

Call your telecom specialist co-op and log a grumbling requesting that they block every one of the active administrations on a brief premise.

Utilize Android’s Find My Device to find your telephone

Android cell phones accompany an underlying Find my versatile help (Click here to peruse exhaustively the way that it works) which permits clients to find their lost cell phone utilizing their connected Google account. Google’s Find My Device administration works on all telephones running on Android 8 or above. In many telephones, the Find My Device highlight is empowered as a matter of course. In any case, it is in every case better to check when you get another Android telephone. Two, for the element to work, area administrations should be on and the client should be endorsed into his Google account. Samsung cell phones accompany the organization’s own Find my versatile element which offers pretty much similar advantages.

Lock your telephone and leave a message

Find My Device instrument likewise permits clients to lock their lost telephones and leave a message. Utilizing this element will tell others that you are the proprietor of the gadget and assist them with reaching you without any problem.

Delete your telephone’s information

Assuming you’ve had a go at all that and are certain that the telephone is taken, you can make a beeline for the Find my Device instrument and delete every one of your information.

Utilize the Google Maps course of events element to find every one of the spots visited as of late

You can likewise utilize Google Maps to track down the timetable to really look at the last area of your telephone. This might have the option to assist you with following the telephone.

Block the IMEI number of the telephone

IMEI number is interesting for each cell phone. Use entrance to obstruct the IMEI number of your lost or taken cell phone.

Record a FIR

Whenever you have impeded your telephone, document a FIR. This will assist you with guarding yourself in the event that the telephone falls in a few wrong hands and they use it for criminal operations.

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