Toxin BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom survey

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There aren’t numerous PC producers you could call ‘free’ tasks, and of those an immense extent will be limited rebranding activities of abroad cleanskin PC makers like Clevo. So what Venom PCs do – i.e develop PCs starting from the earliest stage contend with worldwide monsters like Apple or Microsoft – is fairly one of a kind.

Building a PC is quite difficult, it requires a top to bottom comprehension of current PC parts and an impressive financial plan and subsidizing portion to get things going, yet regardless of how hard it is for private companies to get a foot in this market, shoppers are chiefly keen on getting the best item for their cash.

Toxin BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom cost and accessibility

With a beginning cost of $1,199 (£899, AU$1,999) for an eleventh gen Intel i5, 8GB of RAM and a 250GB SSD setup, the 2022 BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom is, at any rate, sensibly valued… particularly in the event that you’re a current client with an old Venom BlackBook that you can exchange for a $400 (AU$500) credit.

This section unit is still some way off the worth presented by the more-remarkable $999 (£999, AU$1,499) beginning design of the Apple MacBook Air, yet seeing as no different Windows based framework verged on rivaling the 2020 M1 Air, that is not precisely an analysis of Venom.

The BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom arrives in a small bunch of setups so you can overhaul the CPU to an eleventh Gen i7, twofold the RAM designation to 16GB and trade to a 1TB SSD for $1,699 (£1,249, AU$2,699). On the off chance that you have a special need set you can build the SSD or the RAM designations further from here, however for most a 1TB SSD will be all that anyone could need for a work PC.

This is a sensible RRP for an i7 with 16GB of RAM, generally agreeing with the expense of a Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13.5-inch when you factor in the greater SSD, however there are several provisos that merit bringing up.

The first is that gadgets like Dell’s for all intents and purposes indistinguishable late 2020 XPS 13 were out for over a year prior to the BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom sent off and there’s a few good limits to be had on these gadgets now that Intel’s twelfth Generation portable processors are simply round the corner.

The other contrast is that for all intents and purposes all of the opposition has a somewhat higher goal and more variety precise screen, which makes the BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom a hard sell for anybody expecting to involve their PC for outwardly innovative work.


The BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom could resist the pattern by not pursuing innovative experts, but rather it has a reasonable and reasonable plan ethos. The spec sheet recommends that it gauges up to 1.4kg, however the BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom we tried was just a touch over 1kg. This implies it’s still up there with the best lightweight expert Ultrabooks we’ve tried, yet it’s not exactly driving the way.

The other champion highlights incorporate two power supplies so you can leave one connected behind the work area at home or the workplace and leave the other in a satchel or folder case to get you out the entryway faster. Then, for any individual who needs to reset the gadget occasionally, the unit accompanies a convenient USB recuperation drive that makes it way simpler to begin once more.

From here the spec sheet begins to look somewhat more unsurprising with an exceptionally stock 14-inch FullHD IPS show with a sRGB variety range. 16:9 is as yet a truly normal structure calculate all sizes, however Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo and MSI have all traded to 4:3, 3:2 or 16:10 viewpoint proportions on basically their more modest structure factor gadgets.

This is on the grounds that 16:9 is a true to life design and keeping in mind that it works for media playback, your typical page or report is generally A4 measured and takes up around 3/4 of the width of a screen like the one on the BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom. While it’s anything but an issue, the present best PCs convert that abnormal width to vertical space that permits you to see a greater amount of the page or report you’re dealing with.

The BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom truly does in some cases range with somewhat more SSD stockpiling than other comparable units, which has it a mark of effect in the event that you especially like capacity, however you’ll in any case pay for it. The gadget we tried accompanied two Gen 4 PCIe SSDs that could peruse and compose at 3500MB’s on the principal drive and up to 6900/5000MB/s on the second SSD as indicated by inner tests. It’s pretty much as quick as single drives get on 2021 PCs and you don’t see numerous optional PCIe SSDs on ultraportable PCs, so it’s a substantial reason behind distinction for anybody expecting to routinely store and move enormous documents.

The console and trackpad were decent sufficient this time around, dumping a portion of the quirky format choices of the last cycle. Both felt agreeable over lengthy meetings and offered all that you’d require for a work gadget. While the BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom didn’t offer a finger impression sensor, it accompanies Windows Hello Facial Recognition, yet we suspect some business clients will be disheartened.

The point of interaction choices were broad against the present USB-C just options including a HDMI port, a microSD card peruser, and two or three USB Type-A ports, close by the more normal USB-C and 3.5mm sound jack ports. While the HDMI port isn’t however fundamental as it seemed to be a couple of years prior, it’s as yet a pleasant wellbeing net to have the option to plug into essentially any presentation and get fundamental fitting and play similarity.

The dynamic cooling framework hushes up, in any event, while running maximum capacity and the intensity that transmits through the magnesium combination undercarriage is restricted to the space over the console, well away from your palms.


It’s been around a long time since we took a gander at the last Venom BlackBook Zero 14, so the gadget we tried was north of 4 times quicker than the past model. The BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom we were shipped off test, performed inside around 5% of our recorded typical on various general work assignments for comparable gadgets with Intel i7-1165G7 CPUs.

It likewise showed an exhibition knock of up to 12 percent when in the Venom aligned Performance power mode. It did anyway fail to meet expectations in various GPU explicit tests, slacking somewhere in the range of 9 and 25 percent behind what we’d normally expect on an Intel Iris Xe Graphics processor, in any event, when in Performance mode.

While the GPU execution was disappointing, the BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom’s battery duration is really fantastic. Overall work benchmarks the 14-inch Ultrabook gets 12 hours and 36 minutes by and large, while film playback was around 14.5 hours. The main PC we’ve seen to outlive it is the LG Gram 17. While it’s still some way off the M1 MacBook Air from Apple, it’s probably the best window based Ultrabooks for battery duration.


On the off chance that you have no need for photograph or video altering and just need a lightweight work PC that is helpful and enduring, then, at that point, the Venom BlackBook Zero 14 is a strong decision. You should endure a shot on screen goal contrasted with different gadgets available and the model we tried showed some exhibition issues specifically errands. It’s likewise extremely late to send off an Intel eleventh era PC, so you’ll have the option to track down better worth on the off chance that you look for Ultrabooks at a bargain.

All things considered, assuming you know you’re probably going to need one more Venom PC in a couple of years, the $400 (AU$500) exchange markdown is a respectable advantage that makes the BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom sensibly great worth.

Would it be a good idea for me to purchase the Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom?

Get it if…

  • You need something flimsy and light

The BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom is simply over 0.6 inches (1.6cm) thick and weighs 2.2lb (1kg), making it simple to slip into your knapsack and convey anyplace.

  • You need an additional a charger

Having one charger connected at home or work, with another that you can leave in a sack and take with you is a convenient reward perk.

  • You need enduring Windows PC

On the off chance that you’re involving it in adjusted execution modes, you’ll receive a full work day’s battery in return for general work errands. In the event that you’re utilizing it a little sparingly, you could try and have the option to extend that to 2 days.

Try not to get it if…

  • You really want a high-res screen

Fashioners and creatives ought to presumably look somewhere else.

  • You might want to mess around on it

Most PCs with Intel Iris Xe Graphics are prepared to do light gaming, however the BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom fails to meet expectations somewhat here. So it’s not great for easygoing gamers or anybody working with illustrations extraordinary projects.

  • You’re on a tight spending plan

You’ll have the option to find bargains on other eleventh Gen Intel gadgets nowadays that will offer much better worth assuming that this is a central issue.

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