TikTok establishes a centre for the US midterm elections within the app and shows a method for battling misleading information.

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TikTok stated that its midterm elections Elections Center would be available in the app in the United States beginning today, August17, 2022, in more than 40 languages, including English and Spanish.

Additionally, TikTok has partnered with Ballotpedia to enable users to see who is on their ballot, TikTok is collaborating with different voting aid programs, and Information is offered for various groups by Deaf America (for deaf voters), the Federal Voting Assistance Program (for foreign voting), the Campus Vote Project (for students), and Restore Your Vote (for those with prior convictions).


TikTok aims to be a reliable resource for election-related information, including describing where and how to cast a ballot as well as the principles of preferential voting.

Regardless of motive, TikTok censors will remove any content that has the potential to cause serious harm to people or the general public, including election-related misinformation and paid political advertising is not permitted on TikTok.

Officials from TikTok emphasised the company’s dedication to preserving the integrity of US elections at a meeting with reporters on Tuesday. In the briefing, Han added, “At TikTok, we’re extremely happy that people come to our platform to share their own experiences and not only that, but also learn about other people’s stories, including talks about current events that are occurring around their globe or in their world. “While people are talking about things like elections, we have a responsibility to tackle any human situation and safeguard our neighbourhood from damage.”

Any post that could be against the rules and needs further inspection by human moderators will be flagged and prohibited from showing up on “For You,” the app’s home page where movies can go viral and be seen by more people. When a video complies with the app’s rules, the restriction is lifted; when it doesn’t, the material is deleted. Users who attempt to share the video will receive a pop-up message warning them that the content may be making not unsubstantiated claims, if the review is inconclusive, and the restriction will remain in place to throttle potential views.

The company would also refer user queries or hashtags that propagate disinformation to the community guidance, Han added.

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