The most effective method to change your name in Warzone

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The most effective method to change your name in Warzone: Quick advances

  • Send off Warzone on your PC or control center
  • At the fundamental menu, select Options in the base left
  • From the tabs across the top, select the Account tab
  • Select Activision Account from the menu on the left
  • In the popup window, pick Change Display Name
  • Enter your new name and afterward click affirm

Whether you made your Warzone account during a really humiliating time throughout everyday life or simply need to flavor things up, this moment’s the ideal opportunity to change your player name. With the new season 3 here and an enormous Warzone update, getting signed in could require a moment, yet it’s where you’ll track down the choices menu to begin.

Apparatuses and Requirements

  • Persistence to stand by out any remaining Warzone downloads
  • A current record with Activision


Whether you’re on control center or PC, the means are something very similar, and fortunately it’s a quite simple cycle. Simply recollect that you procure a rename token once at regular intervals and can hold just two, so you will not have the option to change your name higgledy piggledy.

  • Open up Warzone and afterward consider getting a wiener while you pause, in the event that there’s an update.
  • ear the base left, select the choices menu. It’s sort of little, yet you’ve likely required it before to change controls or change the sound
  • Along the top there will be tabs, select Account on the extreme right. This is where all your record choices reside
  • Pick Activision Account from the new menu page. This ought to open up a window showing your ongoing name and record data.
  • In the new window pick Change Display Name. This will stack another window that lets you know the number of tokens you that have at present for name change.
  • Enter your new name in the clear and afterward click Confirm. Ought to be actually that simple.

Last contemplations

There’s nothing more terrible than being left with something like Xx_tHa_sNiPa_xX when you’ve chosen you’re truly a greater amount of an attack rifle player. Fortunately, as your preferences change, you can trade things around and secure a new gamertag that fits the enhanced you.

In the meantime, secure yourself a superior shot at your most memorable success of the new season with our Warzone tips.

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