The Edit button for Twitter is now available

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Editing of tweets is now available to Twitter Blue subscribers in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, while users in the US must wait for the feature to “soon” arrive.

Twitter has now published its first edited tweet, taking a significant step toward implementing the social media platform’s most desired feature. Everyone will be able to see edited tweets, even though only a select group of users will be able to test the edit button.

At the start of the month, Twitter said that it was testing an edit button. A sample of a modified tweet was included in the announcement on the Twitter blog.

However, the tweet from Twitter Blue is the first interactive live preview of the functionality. What makes it unique compared to other tweets? A pen icon and a label that reads “Last modified” should be visible to users on the post. Users can access the tweet’s edit history by clicking on this label.

The edit history of this particular article shows that the initial tweet reads: “Hello. This is a test to see if the edit button functions properly.” We’ll let you know how it goes, Twitter Blue added to the end of the modified tweet. The history also compares the number of likes, retweets, and comments received by the original version and the updated version.

Why, therefore, did Twitter Blue’s account publish a modified tweet first? Twitter has made it clear that it will gradually roll out this functionality to a select group of users to see how users use (and maybe abuse) it. However, those who have Twitter Blue subscriptions will be the first to access the feature outside of the small test population.

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