Nubia Red Magic 7 review

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Red is a Chinese brand that has been making gaming telephones for a very long time. It’s essential for Nubia, which was once important for ZTE – and may in any case be; the web is unsure on that reality.

Why the set of experiences illustration? Since the Red Magic 7 feels like it’s going through something of a character emergency. Amusing menu interpretations, a few harsh edges inside the UI, and a disappointing battery crash into what is generally a reasonable gaming telephone with lots of force and a few perfect gamer-customized prospers.

Presently, in the event that you’re on the lookout for a gaming telephone, you ought to anticipate an irate looking plan – and the Red Magic’s styling rises above furious. The glass back is blazoned with glyphs that feature its specs. On its most superior RAM and capacity form, there’s a straightforward segment, under which sits a RGB-lit fan. It’s a ton.

The Red Magic 7 is likewise enormous and intense with a cool, unmistakable metal edge, noticeable vents and level sides. It’s weighty, thick, and a small bunch, whether you’re holding it like a telephone or a regulator.

With blasting amplifiers and that strong 6.8-inch 165Hz screen, the Red Magic 7 presentations motion pictures and games with influence – and on account of heaps of force in the engine as a result of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, execution is right on track as well.

The point of interaction is the principal region where the Red Magic 7 fails. It runs Android, so application support is perfect, and Red’s likewise included a lot of gadgets with the existing blend to assist you with rapidly controlling its fan and access gaming highlights. All things considered, different English interpretations all through the UI come up short, and there are likewise a couple of visual issues.

The battery will go on about a day with medium to light activity, however about 8 hours with heavier use, so gamers who lack the capacity to deal with a midday charge ought to take a gander at choices with greater batteries like the ROG Phone 5.

At its sticker cost, there are not many telephones with the very level of force and gaming-centered request that can rival the Red Magic 7.

That being said, the Poco F4 GT is a great other option, with pressable shoulder fastens that are superior to the Red Magic 7’s touch buttons as we would like to think. Its more modest screen likewise makes it a smidgen more sensible – and it has a superior battery – however we’d need to say the watching of anything on it isn’t as vivid. Likewise, the styling isn’t actually that gamer-arranged of the Red Magic 7.

On the other hand, on the off chance that you wouldn’t fret having 2021-grade internals, the Asus ROG Phone 5 and 5s Pro load huge batteries and backing for great frill with Snapdragon 888-series power.

Nubia Red Magic 7: cost and accessibility

  • Cost from $629/£529/AU$900
  • Different RAM and capacity designs
  • Reasonable for a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 telephone

The Red Magic 7 cost falls well underneath most Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 cell phones. You can get it for $629/£529 (generally AU$900) with 12GB RAM and 128GB in an Obsidian tone: this is the section level setup. The 16GB RAM/256GB capacity model expenses $729/£619 (generally AU$1,090) and is accessible in Pulsar – a pink/purple intelligent variety conspire. The Supernova variety choice, which includes the RGB fan window and 18GB RAM costs $799/£679 (generally AU$1,200).

The telephone went discounted toward the beginning of February 2022 and is accessible sans sim solely, with no significant transporters or organizations tying it to an arrangement or agreement.

  • Esteem score: 4/5

Nubia Red Magic 7: plan

  • Accessible in Obsidian, Pulsar, and Supernova variety choices
  • Huge estimated Android telephone
  • Showy gaming-telephone plan

At the point when we consider the development of gaming telephones since the ROG Phone and unique Black Shark were sent off, Nubia’s Red Magic 7 doesn’t stretch the limits excessively far with regards to actual gaming instruments. It has contact delicate triggers, yet there’s nothing else to it.

The front of the telephone is a major level screen that is sans indent; the sides are made out of level, obvious metal with grilles; and the back is bended glass. Every setup is accessible in an alternate tone. We tried out the Supernova choice. What separates the Supernova from the remainder of the Red Magic 7s is the window that sits close by the camera, so you can look into the fan, which is illuminated by LED lights while gaming.

The telephone measures 170.6 x 78.3 x 9.5mm and weighs 215g, making it one of the greatest and beefiest choices around – however it’s still essentially lighter than an iPhone 13 Pro Max (238g).

The power button sits along the right side, the volume rocker on the left, and the USB-C port is at the base. There’s no second USB-C port along the Red Magic 7’s side, which would have made gaming more agreeable, yet there is a 3.5mm earphone jack so you can connect your earphones.

Around the back is a bended glass board that is fundamentally a celebrated spec sheet. It’s stacked up with glyphs and specs, apparently all of data – from the telephone’s chipset to the screen’s revive rate and fan pivot speed – is gladly blazoned across the glass. The Magic 7 obviously maintains that everybody should know what it’s promoting.

Given the uncovered vents and apparent fan that siphons air through the telephone, you ought not be amazed that the Nubia Red Magic 7 isn’t water or residue safe. That being said, it is safeguarded on the front, because of a pre-fitted screen defender, and there’s likewise a case in the crate.

On the right side, there are responsive touch-delicate triggers, which sport a 500Hz touch-testing rate, and with a flick of the left-hand slider, you can start up the Red Magic gaming space.

  • Configuration score: 3.5/5

Nubia Red Magic 7: show

  • Enormous size 6.8-inch screen
  • FHD+ goal, 165Hz revive rate
  • 720Hz touch inspecting rate

The Nubia Red Magic 7’s screen is huge, intense, and crazy smooth. Stacked up with an out of this world 165Hz revive rate, it’s smoother than any standard leader, and with a nippy 720Hz touch-testing rate, it’s likewise responsive for gaming as well.

At the core of the Magic 7’s screen is a 6.8-inch board with a FHD+ goal and AMOLED innovation. With a 700-nits max brilliance, it doesn’t radiate as brilliantly as certain contenders, yet in one next to the other correlation, didn’t passage a lot of more regrettable than a considerable lot of the present best leaders.

The entire Red Magic 7 line ditches poke hole selfie cameras and indents, so that implies you get a continuous, full-screen insight, something of an oddity today. The outcome is a wide, far reaching, more than adequate presentation with punchy immersion and very zingy colors as a matter of course. In the settings, you can pare back the striking quality for a more regular look.

Obviously, you needn’t bother with a 165Hz screen constantly, so you can undoubtedly flip between 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, and 165Hz through the speedy menu in the notices conceal, or a gadget that you can convey on your home screen. All things considered, there’s no auto-invigorate rate, which doesn’t look good for battery duration.

  • Show score: 4/5

Nubia Red Magic 7: camera

  • 64MP primary, 8MP ultrawide, 2MP large scale
  • Bunches of exemplary Samsung camera modes
  • 8MP selfie camera

Very much like numerous other gaming telephones, including the Lenovo Legion Phone Dual, Nubia isn’t focusing on the camera specs like other cell phones as of now sending off.

In charge is a high-goal, however little measured sensor, which times in at 64MP and generally a portion of an inch. On the in addition to side, its focal point packs a wide opening of f/1.8. There’s a 8MP super wide camera as well, with a 13mm central length and a 1/4-inch sensor. At last, the principal camera blend incorporates a 2MP fixed-center large scale camera with a f/2.4 opening.

Front cameras are apparently more significant for gaming telephones, yet the 8MP sensor in the selfie camera seems as though it’s a similar spec as the super wide camera, and doesn’t guarantee an excess of in light of numbers alone.

Notwithstanding the Red Magic 7’s mediocre camera specs, you can in any case get extremely good pictures from the telephone, particularly in splendid, equally lit scenes. With Qualcomm’s most recent picture handling as a component of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Nubia has managed with respectable unique reach and punchy colors from light shots taken on the Red Magic 7.

Photograph difference can be a piece high, so detail in the shadows could should be pulled out in an alter. With everything taken into account, the primary camera’s light photographs surpassed our assumptions. With respect to the super wide camera, this makes an alright showing of including additional flexibility along with everything else. Be that as it may, quality falls behind with the fundamental camera’s photographs, and the full scale camera is the most terrible of the pack.

At the point when the lights drop, the detail does as well. While photographs aren’t excessively grainy – which is great – the Red Magic 7 won’t sorcery a dull scene into a splendid picture like contending camera telephones. The night mode assists with this, and lifts dynamic reach in low-light scenes.

One region where the Nubia Red Magic 7’s camera makes a respectable attempt to dazzle is with its photograph modes. There are a lot of them, and they endeavor to add lots of significant worth. Notwithstanding standard modes, the telephone offers: Star trail, Starry sky, Electronic gap, Light draw (light paths), Multi-openness, Slow movement, Time-pass, Clone, Trajectory, Macro, 3D, ID photograph, Panorama, Zoom blue, Freeze outline, Phantom, VLOG, Hitchcock and Art camera.

These modes are unpleasant around the edges, however many are fun, so in the event that you extravagant getting imaginative, there’s a lot here to play with. The video recording quality is additionally better compared to we figured it would be. Moving up to 8K in goal and 60fps while shooting at 4K or lower, the recording is steadied well and sharpness is right on track. Low-light execution isn’t great, yet on the off chance that you’re alright with saving your video catch for sunlight scenes, you’ll likely be dazzled with the Magic 7.

  • Camera score: 3/5

Nubia Red Magic 7: execution

  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 power
  • 12-18GB RAM
  • 128-256GB capacity

The Nubia Red Magic 7’s sheer power is the region where it sparkles the most brilliant. With its Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, it’s ready to deal with all cutting edge games, and the model we tried, with its fan siphoning air through the telephone, remained moderately cool considerably under tension.

At the point when we put the telephone through the Geekbench 5 benchmark test, it returned a multi-center score of 3,600, which places it above telephones like the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and gaming telephones like the ROG Phone 5; it even outperformed some other Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 gadgets like the Vivo X80 Pro. 3D Mark scores were areas of strength for likewise, a Wildlife benchmark score of 9,960, marginally surpassing the Poco F4 GT, which scored 9,930 in our tests.

The Red Magic 7’s speed isn’t simply a consequence of its power – the high as can be revive rates likewise assist the telephone with feeling exceptionally quick. The main issue we had with the fan was that it started up while running benchmarks, in any event, when we physically switched it off. In any case, it acted fine and dandy. It didn’t keep the telephone super cold – 30 minutes of Genshin Impact warmed things up a great deal, making the chunk of a telephone hot and awkward to hold. All things considered, what we saw was that the fan chills things off more rapidly than fanless activities of telephones like the Xiaomi 12 Pro.

  • Execution score: 4.5/5

Nubia Red Magic 7: programming

  • Android 12 programming
  • Red Magic UI feels moderately stock
  • Loads of UI irregularities and harsh edges

In the picture above, you can see the console, and underneath it, the foundation – for this situation, the applications plate. We’re almost certain Nubia didn’t mean for the console to drift like this, and assuming that it did, it’s an intriguing decision. The following picture is a very interesting low battery cautioning. Yet again now, we as a whole are for cheeky connection points loaded up with character, however it seems like an unfortunate interpretation as opposed to a purposeful move.

Regardless of these UI characteristics (there are something else), the Nubia Red Magic 7 runs Android 12, so application support is perfect. Nubia obstructs a portion of the visual twists of Android’s OS – Material You, for instance, is missing, which allows you to change the variety plan of the telephone menus to match the backdrop.

Nubia likewise stacks up a lot of gadgets to assist you with rapidly getting to gaming-centered elements of the Red Magic 7, so you can flip fan speed, see your game time for the afternoon, get a gaming update and change your screen revive rate on the fly.

Through its gaming programming – open while you’re playing a game – you can get to fan control, limit foundation notices, record the screen, and add ‘4D’ vibration, so when the volume gets clearly, the telephone thunders. This is likewise where you can set the touch-delicate triggers and a regulator. Frustratingly, button planning for games just backings Red’s own regulator embellishment. Subsequently, you can’t connect a PS4 regulator to a game like Genshin influence except if locally upheld.

So while the gaming components inside the Red Magic 7’s connection point are great, we can’t look past the absence of refinement in the remainder of the UI.

  • Programming score: 3/5

Nubia Red Magic 7: battery duration

  • 4,500mAh battery is little for a gaming telephone
  • Rarely endures an entire day while gaming
  • Quick 65W charging

The Red Magic 7 has a 4,500mAh battery, which is on the little side for a gaming telephone. There’s likewise eager for power 5G availability ready, as well as the top-level power.

Accomplishing under eight and a half long stretches of screen-on time, the Red Magic 7’s battery duration is dominated by the gaming telephone contest, with the ROG Phone 5 Pro pulling in north of 15 hours with its 6,000mAh cell when set at a similar splendor level.

What the Red Magic 7 does is charge rapidly, with the 65W provided charger fueling it up by 45% in only 10 minutes, and completely charging it in around thirty minutes.

  • Battery score: 2/5

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