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NetSupport Manager14 – For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) seeking a top-notch on-premises remote support solution, NetSupport Manager (NSM) is a compelling choice. With over three decades of continuous updates, NSM’s latest iteration, version 14, introduces several enhancements. These include a redesigned Control interface, support for Windows 11 and Server 2022 clients, two-factor authentication (2FA), and SSL/TLS certificates to bolster remote system access security.

NetSupport Manager14

NSM’s licensing structure is refreshingly straightforward. Pricing is solely based on the number of supported systems, eliminating the need for subscription concerns. Perpetual licensing for up to 500 systems comes in at a flat rate of £10 each.

The installation process is a breeze. We installed the Control component on a Windows 10 host and utilized the Deploy tool to scan the local network, effortlessly pushing the client to all our Windows desktops and servers. Notably, the client executable is now safeguarded against malware actions, as any attempt to alter its name will result in it being blocked from execution.

The redesigned Control interface prioritizes user-friendliness. It features a status bar at the bottom, providing a quick overview of connected clients and an option to disconnect all of them with a single click. The search capabilities have been enhanced, the tree view can be minimized, and double-clicking on a client in the main panel allows for the assignment of various actions, such as initiating remote control or launching applications remotely.

The tree view employs dynamic grouping to neatly categorize clients into sections based on criteria such as operating systems (Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android versions), hardware enclosure types, and geographical locations. Custom groups can also be created using your preferred criteria. Furthermore, the tree view offers options for browsing clients and identifying those that have requested assistance.

NSM includes a useful feature called the free PIN Connect server, which expedites support connections across large networks. Both the technician and user enter the same unique PIN, instantly establishing a connection.

When a group is selected in the tree view, all its members are displayed in the main pane. Additionally, a monitor mode provides scalable screen thumbnails, allowing real-time monitoring of user activity. Users need not be concerned about privacy as the Control app triggers a system tray alert upon connection, giving them the option to disconnect at any time, ensuring transparency and control.

When initiating a remote control session, a new window opens, offering an extensive array of support tools in its upper menu. In addition to options for controlling, sharing, or passively viewing the screen, you have the ability to launch local applications, engage in text and audio chats, capture screen images, share clipboards, and even reboot the client system.

NetSupport Manager (NSM) distinguishes itself from cloud-hosted solutions in several ways. Its distribution tool efficiently deploys local files to multiple users, and technicians can conduct training sessions by displaying their screen to groups of users, with the added capability to record Control host activities for later review. Being an on-premises solution, NSM delivers significantly faster performance when used between a host and client on the same local area network (LAN).

NSM extends its support to remote offices and home-based workers. The inclusion of the NSM Gateway and Connectivity Server in the pricing enables technicians to establish connections over the internet to systems equipped with the NSM client.

Security is a paramount concern, and NSM implements robust measures. It employs 256-bit AES session encryption to safeguard communications. All components—Connectivity Server, Gateway, and clients—must possess the same key for authentication. Furthermore, remote clients are restricted to connecting to a single gateway, and the Connectivity Server maintains a connection log that can be downloaded for in-depth security analysis. For larger installations, performance can be enhanced by employing multiple Gateways in load-balanced configurations.

For SMBs seeking in-house support solutions, NetSupport Manager stands out as an exceptional choice. It provides a comprehensive suite of support tools, ensures secure access for remote workers, and offers highly affordable perpetual licensing plans.

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