Netflix delays password-sharing service

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Netflix has decided to delay the implementation of its password-sharing fee in the US, implying that it will also be postponed in the UK. The streaming platform launched ‘Paid Sharing’ in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain in February, intending to introduce it to other countries by the end of March. The feature allows users to share their password with non-household members, allowing them to watch programmes without paying for a subscription themselves. However, Netflix announced in a recent shareholder letter that the US launch would be postponed until between April and June.

The pricing for adding members is currently unknown, but in Spain, it costs €5.99 per month (approximately £5.27). Additionally, Netflix has upgraded its ad-supported service by increasing the video quality to 1080p and allowing two devices to stream simultaneously. To reflect these changes, it has renamed the package ‘Standard With Adverts’ from ‘Basic With Adverts’, but the pricing remains at £4.99 per month.

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