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McAfee Safe Family is a vigorous parental control application. It empowers guardians to watch their kids’ advanced exercises without pressure. You can screen a limitless number of gadgets with a solitary record, addressing its essential benefit over rival applications. Its membership costs $8 month to month, which is beneficial comparative with the elements it gives. We noticed a few downsides while testing the application, like its mind boggling UI.

Safe Family is the result of McAfee Corp, a network protection programming goliath. It was established by the late business visionary John McAfee. Right now, McAfee is possessed by confidential value financial backers.

Safe Family empowers guardians to oversee their children’s advanced exercises to forestall screen enslavement, admittance to unseemly information, or ill-advised contact. You can make adaptable guidelines for your kid’s screen time and get notices assuming they break any. It’s a useful instrument to show your youngsters sound gadget propensities.

We tried Safe Family to give you a definite, impartial survey. We assessed the application in light of explicit models, including highlights, valuing, client assistance, convenience, and so on.

Plans and Pricing

McAfee charges $8 month to month for a Safe Family membership. It gives a robust rebate on the off chance that you pay every year in one stretch, reducing the cost to $50 each year, contrasted with $96 on the standard timetable. You can pay straightforwardly on the site through PayPal or credit/charge cards.

McAfee offers a 30-days free preliminary for planned clients to test the Safe Family application prior to buying in. Subsequent to buying in, you can demand a discount in no less than 30 days of beginning buy or 60 days of programmed reestablishment.


  • Site Filtering

Safe Family allows you to impede explicit sites from your kid’s gadget. You can utilize this element to obstruct improper substance, like betting destinations and grown-up locales. Kids can be presented to a limitless pool of ill-advised contact on the web, and it’s the parent’s liability to limit it, making this component helpful.

  • Application Blocking

Safe Family empowers you to impede explicit apps from your kids’ gadgets.

  • Screen Time Limits

Safe Family allows you to draw certain lines on your kid’s screen time. You can set screen time rules around your kid’s everyday practice, e.g., block it during school hours or sleep time. You can likewise make adaptable principles to propel your children by conceding them additional screen time assuming they complete explicit undertakings.

  • Area Tracking

You can screen your children’s area utilizing Safe Family, knowing where they are at each particular moment. You can likewise set the application to send notices when your children show up or leave milestone areas like everyday schedule.

Safe Family empowers you to find your children on an intuitive guide, which isn’t simply useful yet in addition outwardly engaging.

  • Block In-App Purchase

Safe Family empowers you to hinder any in-application buys on the iOS stage as it were. Numerous applications utilize terrible strategies to allure children to purchase in-application things, and they’re defenseless against such strategies. This element allows you to forestall such events.

  • Web/App Usage Activity

Safe Family empowers guardians to screen their wards’ web surfing and application utilization. It gives you investigates how long your children spend on each application. Similarly, you can check their web perusing history to guarantee that they securely surf the web.

  • Computerized Time-Out

You can set a “computerized break” by stopping movements of every sort on your kid’s gadget at explicit times. This component is useful when you maintain that they should zero in on family time without interruptions.

  • Rule-Break Notifications

Safe Family can give you warnings each time your child attempts to defy a norm you’ve set, e.g., getting to an impeded site.

Interface and being used

You can introduce McAfee’s Safe Family on iOS, Android, or a Windows work area. The applications are promptly accessible on Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, and the Microsoft Store. In the wake of downloading the application, you’d have to make and set up Family Profiles and add the gadgets you’d screen. The application has a really unwieldy point of interaction, addressing a critical client grievance.

Client assistance

McAfee is an enormous organization with client care staff spread across the globe, so its client support is accessible every minute of every day. The organization offers direct client service through live talk, phone, or virtual entertainment. You can contact McAfee’s help delegates whenever you experience challenges utilizing the Safe Family application.

McAfee additionally has an internet based Help Center and FAQ page containing broad instructional exercises on utilizing its applications. Similarly, there’s a help discussion where McAfee clients answer each other’s inquiries.

The Competition

There are numerous parental control apps equaling McAfee’s Safe Family, like OurPact, Qustodio, and Screen Time. Safe Family’s upper hand is its remittance for checking limitless gadgets, while most adversary applications limit the quantity of gadgets you can screen. McAfee is likewise a superior brand with additional weight and trust from shoppers.

Last Verdict

Safe Family is a far reaching parental control application. It’s a useful instrument for guaranteeing your youngsters’ security while riding the web or showing sound screen time propensities. Innovation enjoys its benefits for kids and impediments, and Safe Family assists you with limiting the last option.

The web is consistently growing, and children are presented to a great deal of content on the web. Safe Family keeps your kids from getting to unseemly or diverting substance. The application is somewhat reasonable and allows you to screen a limitless number of gadgets. We noticed a few defects, like its complicated UI.

Purchasing Guide

Safe Family is a parental control application sold by McAfee Corp, a network protection programming monster. It allows you to set screen time limits for your children, block explicit sites and applications, get utilization reports, and track their areas. The application is viable with iOS, Android, and Windows.

McAfee’s Safe Family costs $8 month to month. Yet, the organization limits the cost by a weighty edge in the event that you pay every year, slicing it to $50 each year.

Safe Family’s principal benefits are its moderateness and backing for a limitless number of devices . Its disadvantages incorporate a bulky UI and a laggy Windows application.

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