Marshall’s new Bluetooth speakers offer far superior sound, same super cool looks

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Marshall is getting the band back together once again, with three of its famous Bluetooth speaker models getting an improved soundstage and an eco-cognizant upgrade.

On first look, the new Acton III, Stanmore III, and Woburn III look pretty like their four-year-old ancestors, yet behind the brand name checked grille material you’ll track down a large group of redesigns.

Presently furnished with tweeters calculated outwards and refreshed waveguides for a more far reaching sound, the new reach likewise flaunts an all-new Placement Compensation include – and in the event that they function as planned, it could make these genuine challengers to the best Bluetooth speakers.

Apparently working likewise to Sonos’ TruePlay sound amendment innovation on the Sonos Move and Sonos Roam, the speakers measure for adjacent intelligent surfaces that might influence the sound and afterward naturally change their EQ profile.

The new reach likewise incorporates Bluetooth 5.2 network and a 3.5mm contribution, alongside an inherent Dynamic Loudness include which changes the apparent equilibrium relying upon how high the volume is for a more balanced sound.

The new models keep on getting intensely from the vibe of the brand’s notorious stack speakers that have shaped the backline for incredible guitar slingers from Jimi Hendrix to Slash for the beyond 60 years.

Loaded with Tolex-style completions and Marshall’s notable metal control handles and content logo, the third-age models have a sans pvc work, with the organization guaranteeing every speaker is fabricated from 70% reused plastic and completely veggie lover materials.

Estimated at $279/£239 and estimating 260 x 170 x 150 mm, the shelf accommodating Acton III is the littlest of the three, yet packs in a 30-Watt Class D enhancer for the woofer and two 15-Watt Class D speakers for the tweeters.

The marginally bigger, yet comparatively determined Stanmore III comes in $379/£329 yet has a more muscular low-end yield thanks to a bigger 50 Watt enhancer for its woofer.

The leader Woburn III, in the mean time, has an extra HDMI connecter, so you can involve it with your TV as well concerning streaming sound, and it comes in at $579/£499.

Each model comes in white, brown or dark variety choices, and go discounted on June 23rd.

Examination: New Marshall’s look set to shake harder

We were more than dazzled with the second gen Acton, Stanmore and Woburn home speakers when they hit the racks back in 2018 and 2019.

Their blend of exemplary stone looks combined with a reassuringly strong result would certainly have won the late Lemmy’s endorsement.

In any case, assuming there was one region where they might have improved sonically, it would have been their absence of partition, yet that is something that Marshall seems, by all accounts, to be attempting to address with the more extensive soundstage guaranteed with these new models.

With no inherent Wi-Fi, and hence no savvy partner usefulness, the unavoidable issue is whether their title act sound quality will be sufficient to legitimize their weighty ticket costs contrasted with the best remote speakers available today.

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