Lifespan TR1200-DT3 review

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Lifespan TR1200-DT3

The Lifespan TR1200-DT3 is an excellent walking treadmill for those with standing desks. The Bluetooth desk-mounted console is easy to use and navigate, and the belt is wide, long and comfortable, ideal even for heavier walkers. However, the large size means it could be unsuitable for people looking for a compact walking pad, and a low top speed means that if serious running is your game, you’re better off witha more traditional treadmill.


  • Great performance
  • Shock absorbing
  • HIgh weight limit


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

This is TechRadar’s Lifespan TR1200-DT3 survey. We’ve looked closely at the strolling treadmill, investing energy strolling on the treadmill with and without a standing work area to perceive how it compares the remainder of the best under-work area treadmills.

We’ll save you a few time and let you know that indeed, this is the best strolling treadmill we’ve tried up to this point. In any case, it’s not ideal for everybody: somebody who simply needs a minimal expense, simple store treadmill to assist with getting their means in while staring at the TV may be in an ideal situation with a slimmer, less rock solid strolling cushion, for example, the Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0.

This treadmill is heavier obligation: it has wheels for simpler transportation, however at that point once more, so has Christian Bale’s Batmobile. It’s a bigger treadmill than most strolling cushions, and it’s appropriate for those with medium or bigger standing work areas and most office spaces, whether at home or in your work environment. It’s to some degree excessively clumsy for little spaces and helpful home stockpiling in a cabinet or behind the couch.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the way that this is an extraordinary treadmill. It’s costly, however not so expensive as its more established cousin, the TR5000. It has a weight limit of 350lbs. It’s peaceful. It has savvy step innovation. The Bluetooth console is incredibly simple to utilize, particularly from a standing work area. In the event that you have an enormous standing work area accessible to you, this under-work area treadmill is the ideal backup assuming that you’re a power client or a heavier walker.

Life expectancy TR1200-DT3 under-work area treadmill: Price and accessibility

The Lifespan TR1200-DT3 treadmill is estimated at $1,199 in the US and £1,099 in the UK, with no Australian cost right now accessible. Amazon is sadly unavailable this moment, yet there are a few units accessible on the Lifespan website(opens in new tab) worldwide.

Life expectancy TR1200-DT3 under-work area treadmill: Design

Configuration score: 5/5

The TR1200’s style are pretty non-descript. Estimating 160cm long, 72cm wide, and 18cm high, it’s a stout 12 PM matte machine with two front-mounted wheels. It comes practically all set from the outset, so you can just wheel it to its assigned station and there it lies. Past interfacing the control center to the treadmill, there is no gathering required.

In any case, the thickness and heave of the machine mean it’s harder to stash in, say, a cabinet or behind a couch. Except if you have an enormous extra room, it’s an extremely long-lasting expansion to your office.

The belt is wide and long, at 127cm x 51cm, so it’s sufficiently large to stroll on easily and stamped so you can obviously tell when the treadmill is running, which is fundamental when you have an especially calm treadmill like this one professes to be. There’s no hand or side rail to flip up and transform the treadmill into a “running mode”: this is explicitly a mobile machine.

The actual deck is made of phenolic thermoset plastic, while additional plastic makes up the packaging. Six free pressure shocks offer suspension on the belt, decreasing any effect as you walk. The treadmill is worked for weighty clients, with a most extreme load of up to 350lbs, or 159kgs. As far as plan, the TR1200 has nearly all that you’d at any point need in a mobile explicit treadmill.

Life expectancy TR1200-DT3 under-work area treadmill: Features

Highlights score: 3/5

Like other under-work area treadmills, the TR1200 isn’t precisely overstuffed with content. It’s worked to do a certain something, and one thing well: permit you to stroll while you work in solace.

There’s no slope, on the grounds that as indicated by Lifespan, “strolling at a grade while working isn’t suggested by ergonomists as it removes your body from an unbiased position and overburdens your back and joints.” Its maximum velocity ultimately depends on four miles 60 minutes, enough for a quick walk or run, yet no genuine running modes whatsoever.

In any case, it has a few extremely cool elements we needed to feature here, the greater part of which are highlighted on the controls console. First and foremost, the control center can be connected to the treadmill, yet it’s essentially expected to work on Bluetooth, permitting you the opportunity to put it any place’s agreeable. Be that as it may, it’s intended to be upheld on a work area or other unit, which underscores how this machine should function. In the event that you simply believe the treadmill as an unsupported unit should use in your receiving area, the control center is definitely not an ergonomic remote.

The control center has an in-constructed step counter, permitting you to check how far you’ve strolled and whether you’ve arrived at that sorcery 10,000 today. The typical measurements including time, calories and distance are completely followed, and you’re ready to enter your level and weight for more precise calorie and step following.

The control center is likewise where the wellbeing key is contained: cut it to your garments, and when you bounce (or tumble) off the treadmill, away from your work area, the key will be pulled and the control center conveys a Bluetooth message to the treadmill to stop.

Life expectancy TR1200-DT3 under-work area treadmill: Performance

Execution score: 5/5

The Lifespan is agreeable to stroll on. The wide belt gives a lot of track space and those six safeguards really do their fair share, making each step strikingly agreeable whether you’re in devoted practice shoes or level shoes.

We tried it with both conventional running shoes and moderately unsupportive Vans tennis shoes, and it was a charming involvement with both. I felt like I had compelling reason need to look at where I was going on the treadmill when I took my work meeting on it, and I could gaze at my screen in solace.

The unit guarantees the treadmill is murmur calm, which is somewhat of a misnomer: there’s a reasonable whirr from the 2.25 HP nonstop obligation engine, yet it’s sufficiently peaceful to daydream and zero in on your errands, particularly on the off chance that you wear earphones in the workplace. Notwithstanding, the safeguards work really hard of concealing your means once you get into a mood.

The security key was quite responsive when we leaped off the treadmill to test it, halting the treadmill within one second. You can enter in a particular time or objective you might want to stroll for through the control center, and the mathematical readouts will count you down before it starts, giving you an opportunity to prepare. You can likewise stop for breaks without losing your advancement.

 Buy it if… 

You have space

It’s awesome under-work area treadmill we’ve attempted, yet its constructed like a stout Range Rover.

You have a standing work area

It functions admirably when matched with the right gear, like a standing work area. Alter the manner in which you work.

You’re on the heavier side

Whether you’re a muscle-bound competitor or presently overweight, this treadmill has a noteworthy 350lbs weight limit.

 Don’t buy it if… 

You’re on a tight spending plan

At nearly $1200/£1100, the TR1200 isn’t the least expensive treadmill around.

You need some genuine running done

At a maximum velocity of 4mph, this isn’t the most ideal treadmill for you in the event that you like to routinely go for runs inside.


lifespan tr1200-dt3


  • Great performance Shock absorbing
  • Shock absorbing
  • High weight Capacity
  • Expensive
  • Bulky

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