JLab Go Air Pop review

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Before we get carried away, the JLab Go Air Pop are not the last word in sonic brilliance. But if this is where your budget maxes out, you’ll get reliable Bluetooth connectivity, killer battery life, comfortable and light earpieces and solid music on the go. It would be churlish to expect more.


  • Light design with small, comfortable earpieces
  • Reliable on-ear controls
  • Sounds better than anything else at this price


  • Not the last word in sonic brilliance generally
  • Odd fitted charging cable
JLab Go Air Pop: one-minute review

We should get to the point of what’s outright exhilarating about the JLab Go Air Pop: since February of this current year it has been feasible to purchase a couple of known-brand genuine remote headphones for $20/$20, an expense that even quite a while back was incomprehensible. What’s more, they’re not from somebody down a dull back rear entryway, and they’re not knock-off AirPods.

The realized brand is JLab, and its raison d’etre is giving sturdy listening gear at absolute bottom costs; staples on our rundown of the best spending plan remote headphones with the active JLab Go Air as a perfect representation.

And keeping in mind that the organization hasn’t made it into our best evident remote headphones purchasing guide yet, that is not exactly a fair battle given the recommended retail costs they’re facing – and it’s inevitable.

Normal perusers will realize that TechRadar wrote starting considerations about the surprisingly reasonable new JLab Go Air Pop not long after their delivery, however – despite the fact that this is a very wallet-accommodating item – we believe you should be familiar with them in a completely fledged survey. Isn’t your interest provoked? Could tiny headphones this economical really finish a work?

We’ve all been scorched by purchasing modest – purchase modest, purchase two times, isn’t that so? Not here. In the event that you’re imagining that one bud would stop matching following seven days, or the case top would snap off in the span of a day, or a looking blow from a wet coat sleeve would kill them, or a spot of residue would put paid to the case enrolling anything inside it worth charging… all things considered, you’re off-base.

What you can be sure of is that JLab Go Air Pop (attempt to see past the name, similarly we’re ready to see past Sony’s assortment of capital letters, runs and numbers to find a class-driving item) are very great for the most part – and vehemently unparalleled for this cash, in spite of the fact that it means a lot to take note of that there’s little out there to challenge them at the level. On the off chance that this is where your spending plan maximizes for superfluous items, for example, genuine remote headphones, you will track down a solid item here.

These tiny headphones misrepresent their modest price tag. They are not garbage. They sound far superior than is sensible. Also, couldn’t life be better if a greater amount of us would manage the cost of convenient remote music, instead of no music by any means?

JLab Go Air Pop: cost and delivery date
  • $20/£20/AU$49.95
  • Delivered: February 2022

At $20, £20 or five pennies under $50 in Australia, saying JLab’s most recent genuine remote headphones are forcefully valued is a remarkable misrepresentation of the truth. Keep in mind, JLab is a realized sound brand, established in 2005 and regarded among the sound press.

Rivalry and overall revenues at JLab’s super reasonable finish of the market are merciless. The competition to shrivel solid network, good endurance and on-gadget controls into perpetually managable sticker costs, while still in some way making money, continues forever.

Truly JLab has designed a novel sets of new headphones that do this for $20 (£20) I’m as yet not certain how. Did somebody on JLab’s finance offer their spirit to Satan in a Faustian, Robert Johnson-style settlement? Want to think not. Yet, one can’t rest assured…

JLab Go Air Pop: highlights
  • Bluetooth 5.1 and wearer-discovery
  • Three compelling EQ profiles
  • On-ear volume control

Most importantly, these Bluetooth 5.1 headphones associated with my telephone at the initial season of asking, and as fundamental an explanation as it might appear, the way that an item drives up just, appears in the Bluetooth menu of my telephone and coordinates – without the 15 minutes of head scratching, a third perused of the Quick Start Guide and a full production line reset – as of now puts them roads in front of specific buds we’ve tried at up to multiple times the cost.

The headphones are likewise sweat-safe however considerably more significantly, you’re getting eight hours from the headphones and an astounding 32 hours from the whole recommendation when you incorporate the case – and having enjoyed seven days with them, I can affirm that the case is veritable.

After putting the buds once more into your ears following charging, they pair right away to their most recent gadget as well, smoothly declaring “Bluetooth associated, battery full”. These are little and steady really looks at for the JLabs, however they in all actuality do add up. Working without issue could appear to be the absolute minimum, however JLab is overtaking contest a lot higher up the pecking order by simply finishing these simple assessments.

Gracious, and on-gadget volume control? Huge check. I have thumped a few premium sets of tiny headphones for not offering what is a particularly regular thing to need from your earphones (AirPods Pro, I’m taking a gander at you), yet here, a straightforward tap of either earpiece sends the volume up (right) or down (left) a score. It’s excessively simple. Twofold tap the left one for Siri or Google, twofold tap the option to play or respite your music. Hold your finger on one or the other earpiece for more than a second and it’ll skirt forward or back a track. Cake.

There’s a mic in each tiny headphone for call-dealing with, and don’t briefly imagine that no application implies no EQ profiles – triple tap either earpiece and you’ll hear the mitigating voice say “adjusted’, “bass lift” or “JLab signature”. Across the course of my experience with these little units, they never misconstrue my pointer’s morse code once, by the same token.

  • Highlights score: 5/5
JLab Go Air Pop survey: sound quality
  • Great bass weight and finished vocals
  • High pitch snaps at higher volumes

These headphones are entirely fit for playing music and truly, expecting an excessive amount of more is boorish. Assuming that you were trusting JLab just nailed sonic splendor for the royal amount of $20, you should reconsider – you’re getting SBC vanilla Bluetooth conveyed at absolute bottom costs, not aptX HD, LDAC or hifalutin higher-res codecs.

The name scarcely shouts sound greatness at any rate – ‘air’ and ‘pop’ are not words we’d suggest involving in similar sentence as 6mm drivers and Bluetooth network – yet recall, Sony once delivered a restricted release ‘quiet white’ colourway for the WH-1000XM4 and quietness doesn’t recommend extraordinary sounding jars by the same token. Which firm had the greater financial plan to maybe show that name to a center gathering? Right.

Any significant sound examination between these $20 in-ears and class-driving items from any semblance of Sony, Apple or Sennheiser is quite unjustifiable – and there are no ongoing class-pioneers at $20 on the grounds that there basically isn’t a lot of serious rivalry costing that much.

What you cannot deny is that JLab’s answer beats anything in its cost range for sound, no doubt. It could in fact stand head to head with the more costly Sony WF-C500 – which it really beats for battery duration and plan, on the off chance that not sound quality.

OK, the high pitch needs refinement and progressively they’re somewhat level (stream Tinie Tempah’s Frisky and the premonition introduction is ever-present, as opposed to building and agonizing), however I keep up with that JLab’s Go Air Pop are a wonderful listen generally, particularly for this cash. Vocals are somewhat very much dealt with through the mids, and the bass weight is reasonably taken care of, despite the fact that I concede that the timing here comes up short on smidgen of union.

Stream Hootie and the Blowfish’s Let Her Cry and the various guitars introduce themselves to every ear in a somewhat broad, open soundstage as well. Pay attention to Prince’s Kiss and keeping in mind that you’ll get all of the bass funk in the introduction, the craftsman’s supreme vocal falls off somewhat cruel. Sonically, it is hard to go on and on about the sound quality, primarily as a result of this high pitch, which misshapes even in somewhat simple sections, however that is not exactly the point here.

The fact of the matter is frugal, strong sound. Furthermore, you get that here – for as long as 32 hours.

  • Sound quality score: 3.5/5
JLab Go Air Pop audit: Design
  • Accessible in five radiant colorways
  • Simply 3.7g per headphone
  • Odd fledgling like charging link

Refreshingly, JLab Go Air Pop show up in a sans plastic, 100 percent reused paper box generally the size of a deck of cards. It’s difficult to envision a bunch of earphones, their charging case, a speedy beginning aide and additional gel pad tips can really fit inside it, truly, however they’re surely there – and they’re worth yelling about.

How about we start with the tear molded ergonomic headphones. The showcasing routine is that they’re 15% more modest than JLabs’ past contributions. The fact of the matter is, they weigh simply 3.7g per earpiece (which is over a gram lighter than the bijou Sony LinkBuds S, which come in at 4.8g per bud) and will suit basically all human ears. With regards to genuine remote headphones, little is wonderful and JLab’s Go Air Pop really are perfectly little.

You get three arrangements of eartips in a similar variety as all the other things for a smooth stylish (our example is turquoise) and the case is effectively basically as little and light as a container of dental floss, notwithstanding the way that its USB charging fitting and short link snaps out from a break in the base.

This diddy case can remain on its base (for what reason can’t more brands do this?) so you can flip open the polarized cover with one hand to get to the earphones. I endured seven days throwing this case into my sack, close to my keys. There are no metallic embellishments to be scratched off on the plan and no recognizable flimsy parts in the pivot. This thing needs to endure a drive solid.

OK, the odd little charging link is genuinely joined to the JLab Go Air Pop’s case (might it at any point actually be known as a remote charger in the event that there’s dependably a wire?) and while charging it looks undeveloped or adolescent contrasted with additional exceptional cases, as fledgling is to completely developed frog maybe. All things considered, it charges the headphones and means you won’t ever need to scan in the semi-murkiness for your USB-C charger – or get captured short since you neglected to pack one.

  • Configuration score: 4.5/5
JLab Go Air Pop survey: esteem
  • Dependable battery, network and preeminent solace for $20
  • Effectively betters anything more at this cost for sound and highlights
  • No application

Did we make reference to that these headphones are simply $20? In light of everything, the JLab Go Air Pop address particularly great worth, and, in spite of the absence of a sidekick application, you get a noteworthy arrangement of highlights generally dealt with by the solid on-ear controls.

As far as fabricate, battery duration and list of capabilities, JLab is verifiably head of the class for esteem – yet recollect, it is a tiny class.

These headphones are not the flaky-breaky pack one could expect for $20, and on the off chance that it’s an issue of no music on the drive or JLab’s Go Air Pop headphones, I’ll nibble your hand off for these all week long.

  • Esteem score: 5/5
JLab Go Air Pop review: should I buy it?
Buy it if…

Your financial plan maximizes at $20/£20/AU$50 and you need genuine remote

The JLab Go Air Pop is an unbelievably reasonable recommendation and flaunts a spec sheet no other answer for date has overseen at this level. Assuming this is you, that ought to be sufficient.

You have more modest ears

At 3.7g per bud, the JLab Go Air Pop’s tiny headphones are minuscule and agreeable. As a matter of fact, the situation feels so light in our pocket, we frequently need to really take a look at it’s still there…

You focus on a long battery duration

32 hours of recess, for $20. Let that hit home, while recalling that AirPods Pro will just provide you with a limit of 24 hours of listening time

Don’t buy it if…

You truly need application support

Albeit Go Air Pop do astounding things without a buddy application (on-ear volume control, EQ profiles, admittance to voice partners – it’s everything here) in the event that you need an obvious prompt of their battery duration on your gadget, no way.

You need top quality sound and have a stretchier spending plan

Assuming that sound quality is first spot on your list and you can spend somewhat more, do that. This isn’t an audiophile-grade item, albeit in numerous ways it’s as yet a tomfoolery tune in.

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