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According to a recent report, Apple intends to increase ad income in various iPhone and iPad apps by broadening the reach of adverts visible in the App Store and in Apple Maps, Apple Books, and other apps.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed in his recent Power On newsletter that Apple will considerably grow its advertising business over time. The dependable expert believes the Cupertino tech titan would add search adverts to Apple Maps, as it has allegedly been investigated. Businesses would be able to pay to appear higher in search results.

Apple Books and Apple Podcasts may potentially get the commercial treatment, allowing publishers to pay to have their work display more prominently in searches and across the app. Users are already seeing display advertisements in the Apple News and Stock apps, with the former paying publishers a percentage of ad income.

Let alone the App Store. Apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac are advertised here if developers pay to have their apps displayed prominently. The point is, since Apple currently has advertising through out its software suite, why does it need to expand? As Gurman points out, it has to do with a huge income impact for a variety of firms, and Apple’s desire to raise its ad revenue into the billion dollar range.

Apple introduced App Monitoring Transparency last year, allowing iPhone and iPad users to stop ad tracking across other firms’ applications and websites.
It’s a popular privacy feature that allows users to opt out of having their data gathered by numerous apps.
According to Gurman, 78 percent of iOS 15 users turned off ad personalization.

You may, however, be monitored in Apple’s applications. According to the research, Apple’s app tracking capability “does not follow you across applications and websites operated by other firms.” Still, ad income is a significant investment for Apple, and there will be some restructuring. Todd Teresi, VP of advertising platforms, is reporting to Apple Services president Eddy Cue once again. Teresi previously reported to Cue before 2016, when i Ad (a now-defunct mobile advertising platform) was a reality.

Apple is apparently planning to put advertisements on your iPhone

Teresi’s goal is to boost ad income from $5.7 billion to something in the double digits every year, which explains the surge in commercials on iPhone and iPad. In an earnings call, CEO Tim Cook still labelled the status of the company’s ad business “excellent,” but there are a number of issues that Apple must address in order to increase ad income without offending users. The good news is Gurman doesn’t anticipate Apple putting ads inside of third-party apps for the time being, but more ads are coming. Is it reasonable to have advertisements in apps on an iPhone that may cost close to $2,000?

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