How to put a call on hold on iPhone

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Apple items are known to offer the best client experience and the iPhone is the same. The iPhone offers various helpful elements that prove to be useful on many events. One such component is to required a call to be postponed. This secret stunt empowers you to require a functioning call to be postponed.

Albeit the choice isn’t accessible on the dynamic call UI, you can in any case require a voice call to be postponed. For the individuals who are ignorant, while on quiet, you can hear the individual on the opposite side of the call however they can’t hear you. At the point when you put the approach pause, neither of the members can hear the other one.

Thus, to require a call to be postponed then follow the basic underneath referenced advances:

1. First settle on a decision to any of your contact

2. Presently on the dynamic call screen you will see the quiet button

3. You can now press the quiet button for a couple of moments to require a call to be postponed

4. In the event that you need you can now make another phone call too

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