How do I resolve poor wireless range or a weak WiFi signal from my NETGEAR router?

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Your NETGEAR router features high powered amplifiers and antennas to maximize your WiFi coverage. However, your WiFi range can be affected by factors like router placement, home layout, or wireless interference from other devices.

As you troubleshoot, keep in mind that it’s normal for your speeds to decrease as your move away from your router, as your WiFi device must switch to lower frequency wireless bands to maintain its connection. Higher frequency bands provide a faster connection, but have less range, and cannot penetrate solid objects like walls and floors

To resolve poor wireless range or a weak WiFi signal from your NETGEAR router,
try the following:

Adjust your router’s antennas

If your router has adjustable antennas, you can adjust their position to suit the layout of your home. Router antennas typically project a WiFi signal perpendicular to where they are pointing; an antenna pointing vertically projects a WiFi signal horizontally, while an antenna pointing horizontally projects a WiFi signal vertically. Keep this in mind as you adjust your router’s antennas.

For example, a single-story home might benefit from a fully vertical antenna position, as WiFi coverage isn’t needed above or below the router. A multi-story home, however, might benefit from a mixture of vertical, angled, and horizontal antenna positions to provide coverage in all directions.

Change your wireless channels to avoid interference

Most routers automatically select a 2.4 GHz channel based on your network environment, and use default 5 GHz (and 6 GHz, if equipped with WiFi 6E) channels based on your region. If you are experiencing frequent lost connections, slow data transfers, or other WiFi issues that can be caused by interference, you might want to manually change the wireless channels on your router. For more information

Consider a WiFi extender or mesh WiFi system

If you are still unsatisfied with your router’s WiFi coverage, you might want to consider adding a WiFi range extender or replacing your router with a mesh WiFi system. Range extenders are cost effective and work well in smaller homes and apartments, while mesh WiFi systems like Orbi WiFi and Nighthawk Mesh provide whole home coverage with devices that are easy to set up and manage.

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