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The Dell G3223Q won’t leave you disappointed if you’ve never seen a 4K display running at 144Hz before, especially with bright and color-rich HDR content. But the poor contrast of its IPS panel keeps it from really blowing us away.

  • +Lovely color
  • +Good port selection
  • +Smooth 4K
  • Expensive
  • Contrast holds back HDR
  • Slightly wiggly stand
Dell G3223Q: Two minute review

While the Dell G3223Q gaming screen isn’t coming in with wild specs, its bringing 4K/144Hz to a huge, splendid showcase at a good cost, basically when it’s limited beneath Dell’s suspect MSRP.

The best gaming screens make them paralyze choices among them, and new advancements are stirring up the field, similar to the QD-OLED board in plain view in Alienware’s new AW3423DW. Sadly, Dell’s G3223Q lingers behind large numbers of these patterns, and it makes it’s value hard to legitimize.

The Dell G3223Q is accessible for $1,099 (£659/AU$1,499), which is over the top expensive for what you’re getting, however Dell has dropped this cost down as much as 30% on it’s site. Whether you can get a lower (and more legitimate) cost is another matter, and it shouldn’t come down to karma whether you get a decent worth.

What has a so deplorable outlook on the high MSRP is that the Alienware QD-OLED screen is just $200 more and it brings match-up changing showcase tech. Furthermore, LG’s 42-inch C2 OLED isn’t far by then by the same token.

In the mean time, Dell’s G3223Q gaming screen is something of a gaming variant of the Dell G3223QE with the board traded for the reason. However, it likewise trades ports, increasing transfer speed for show associations with help the quicker invigorate rates required for gaming yet unloading USB-C, the KVM switch, and the outbound DisplayPort association for daisy affixing screens.

Rather than a 32-inch business show, we’re taking a gander at a 32-inch 4K/144Hz presentation bragging 1ms GtG pixel reaction time, pre-adjusted variety covering 95% of the DCI-P3 variety space, DisplayHDR 600 for additional splendor, and FreeSync Premium Pro. In any case, this screen is as yet shaking an IPS board with the regular problem areas that show up with the tech.

However, try not to discount it excessively fast. Between the wide variety range, the sharpness, and the in front of you brilliance of the presentation, the visuals can be out and out shocking when HDR comes in to punch up splendor and varieties to a limit, particularly for the nearness of a screen.

Yet, contrast is just about as needing as it’s at any point been on an IPS show. While showing HDR test film that coordinates a brilliant and vivid subject with a dark background, the board staggers hard. In addition to the fact that all is that dark region raised up to an observable dim, however the corners are lifted much more, so the dark space doesn’t seem uniform, making it all the really diverting.

Completely dark is something to view, however it’s not the be-all-end-the entirety of a valuable screen. The Dell G3223Q looks incredible while it’s showing bunches of splendid, beautiful substance. This incorporates while working with various windows. Text is sharp, there’s no unusual quality with brilliance. Also, even with HDR on in windows, the presentation doesn’t appear to become confounded about what ought to be white and what ought to be practically white.

Then there’s its chops for gaming. 4K, or Ultra HD to be more unambiguous, takes into consideration a ton of detail to radiate through, and the 32-inch board works really hard topping off our field of view at a safe distance away. The 144Hz invigorate keeps everything streaming flawlessly as well, whether over DisplayPort 1.4 or the two HDMI 2.1 ports that can likewise serve up 4K/120Hz from consoles.

Gaming peripherals can likewise neatly interface with the two USB ports filling in as a center point on the screen (helpfully near the front of the screen rather than tucked back with the showcase ports). During activity, there’s a touch of movement obscure to moving items, and super-quick developments can leave a path, yet there aren’t isn’t a lot in that frame of mind of ghosting or crowns. Turning the overdrive to Super Fast or Extreme presents crowns behind moving items, yet neglects to perceptibly further develop the movement obscure. While FreeSync Premium Pro is accessible to keep outlines looking spotless, we find the screen likewise gets along with G-Sync on a Nvidia designs card.

Each of this comes based on to a genuinely movable stand, but one that likes to squirm a little. What’s more, around back the screen has a touch of predisposition lighting.

Eventually, the Dell G3223Q is a phenomenal looking screen in the right circumstances, and even with regards to highlights. It has a few shortcomings that can manifest in unambiguous circumstances, however it’s still on the expensive side for gaming screens. On the off chance that you can get it under $800/£700/AU$1,100, we can suggest it, however at its full MSRP, it’s a pass.

Should I buy a Dell G3223Q gaming monitor?

Buy it if…

You need a major, splendid presentation for work and games

The Dell G3223Q is only that. It siphons out splendor and variety in equivalent measure and simply looks staggering on some satisfied. On the off chance that you’re about that, take the plunge.

You need rich game visuals

This screen has the right mix of sharpness, splendor, and rich varieties that will make pretty much any game look perfect, especially assuming HDR is accessible.

You need to game on PC and control center the same

The Dell G3223Q is just about entirely prepared for a PC/console combo arrangement. It has the DisplayPort 1.4 association you need for a PC and a couple of HDMI 2.1 ports to capitalize on current-gen consoles.

Don’t buy if…

You like space games or motion pictures

This screen has the mark shortcoming of IPS boards: unfortunate difference and murky blacks defaced by the backdrop illumination going through regardless of how much the LCD layer turns. In numerous situations, that is fine, however when there’s a great deal of dark on screen (like any time you see space), it’s a terrible look.

You can’t get it for not exactly MSRP

The full retail cost for this screen is extremely steep, excessively steep even. There are similarly great screens for less or significantly better ones for just somewhat more cash.

You’re not utilizing it expertly

The Dell G3223Q has a production line adjusted show expecting to follow through on exactness that main experts truly need. On the off chance that that is not you, you can probably find a showcase that will serve you similarly too for less cash.

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