Cherry UM 3.0, 6.0 Advanced and 9.0 Pro RGB

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Cherry, the renowned German company recognized for its keyboards, is expanding its product line by introducing its own collection of microphones. The flagship model in this range is the UM 9.0 Pro RGB.

In terms of design, the UM 9.0 Pro RGB shares many similarities with the UM 6.0, except for the copper base that accompanies the shock mount mechanism instead of silver. This unique suspension system ensures that any accidental thumps on the table do not affect recordings and helps minimize low-frequency rumble from background noise like traffic.

Cherry UM

MicrophoneRecordingDimensions (WDH)Weight
UM 9.0192kHz/24-bit160 x 144 x 272mm555g
UM 6.096kHz/24-bit160 x 144 x 272mm546g
UM 3.096kHz/24-bit160 x 140 x 263mm497g

Shared: 2.5m cable supports Windows 10 and above, macOS, and PlayStation 4 and 5

3-year warranty

As indicated by its full name, the UM 9.0 Pro RGB offers the ability to switch between various RGB colors. While this feature may seem like a mere gimmick, it proves to be advantageous not only for streamers but also for individuals who want to make a lasting impression during video calls. Additionally, when the mute function is activated using the push-to-mute button present on all three microphones, the entire mic glows red. However, it’s important to note that the RGB function is controlled through a button on the mic’s base rather than addressable RGB lighting.

While the UM 6.0 provides the choice between cardioid (front-facing) and omnidirectional recording patterns, the UM 9.0 expands the options with bidirectional (front and back) and stereo (front right, front left) patterns. Switching between these patterns is straightforward. The large dial located on the front of both microphones is pressed, and the lights on top indicate the recording direction. The humble UM 3.0, on the other hand, offers only cardioid recording but includes a backlit mic button to indicate mute status, similar to the UM 6.0.

Another notable difference between the UM 9.0 and its counterparts is the higher sampling rate of 192kHz and 24-bit compared to the other two models’ 96kHz and 24-bit. Although for most users, the difference may not be discernible given the intended purposes of these microphones, some argue that the 192kHz rate produces a more authentic sound. To experience the audio quality for yourself, the recordings can be listened to at

Cherry UM
Cherry UM

It’s worth mentioning that all of these microphones are plug-and-play devices, compatible not only with PCs and Macs but also with the latest PlayStation consoles. Adjusting the gain on the UM 6.0 and UM 9.0 is a breeze, as the dial is used without the need for software adjustments. This convenient feature allows for quick level adjustments when listeners complain about audio being too loud or too quiet. This is one of the reasons why these microphones are preferred over others tested, including the Shure MV7.

If recordings are prone to sibilance (hissing sounds), the Cherry UM Pop Filter for £20 is highly recommended (currently being offered for free by when bundled with the two more expensive microphones). Additionally, Cherry’s excellent MA 6.0 Uni USB swivel arm is worth considering. Although priced at £100, it boasts sturdy construction quality, especially when compared to the £40 arm purchased from Amazon for the Shure microphone. Moreover, it features a built-in USB connection to minimize cable clutter. The microphone is simply plugged into the top of the arm and connected to the host device using the USB connector integrated into the arm’s base.

When considering the microphones, it’s important to be aware that the additional cost of the arm should be taken into account. However, even if you use the microphones with the included mini tripod, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your sound quality, making you sound more professional than before.

Now, let’s weigh your options. The UM 3.0 is a reliable microphone, offering solid audio quality and construction. However, priced at £80, it may feel somewhat overpriced and lacking in features. On the other hand, the UM 9.0 Pro RGB is a remarkable piece of design and engineering. Nonetheless, spending £150 on a microphone requires a stronger justification than simply desiring a visible impact during calls.

Considering all factors, the UM 6.0 is a compelling choice. While it may not be inexpensive, priced at £110, it represents a great investment, especially if you can acquire a free pop filter as part of the deal. The UM 6.0 delivers clear, broadcast-quality audio, fulfilling the needs of individuals seeking exceptional sound performance.

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