Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2 review

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Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2: one-minute review

The Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2 is the refreshed rendition of a turntable that caused somewhat of a mix when it sent off – here, finally, was a top notch turntable that needed to offer more comfort than is typical. In particular, remote streaming – and hey res remote spilling at that. Praise was prompt from there, the sky is the limit or-less all inclusive.

So Cambridge is back with a new, more costly and gently refreshed Alva TT: the V2. Its coordinated phono stage is currently switchable. It has a new tonearm and cartridge. The cost has risen a bit. However, V2 holds the first’s bank-vault fabricate quality, aptX HD greetings res remote streaming smarts, and generally demeanor of significant robustness that made it one of the most amazing turntables around.

It likewise holds a ton of the first’s sonic accentuations. The Alva TT V2 is a deft, smooth and keen tune in, somewhat shy of dynamic headroom however extremely lengthy to be sure on detail recovery, apparent equilibrium and liberally captivating sound.

Indeed, this kind of cash can purchase a more thorough sonic disposition and more unique headroom simultaneously. What it won’t buy is better form quality, more prominent midrange constancy, anything like as much accommodation, or the capacity to listen straightforwardly on the best remote earphones. In this way, much more so than is normal on these pages, you really want to make a worth judgment.

Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2: cost and delivery date
  • $1,999/£1,699/AU$3,699
  • Discharge in May 2022

The Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2 turntable was delivered in spring 2022, and it’s authoritatively evaluated at $1,999/£1,699/AU$3,699. Try not to hope to track down it with a very remarkable rebate, all things considered.

That is significant cash for a stereo – and the kind of cash makes many high-profile choices visible. Everybody from Clearaudio and Rega in Europe, Technics in Japan and VPI in the United States will joyfully sell you a turntable for this kind of cash with very good quality sound qualifications – in spite of the fact that they will not be so broadly determined, honestly. We should investigate the elements now, truth be told.

Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2: plan and elements
  • 24bit/48kHz aptX HD remote streaming
  • Coordinated, switchable phono stage
  • Direct-drive activity

Taking everything into account, ‘nothing about the Cambridge Audio Alva TT v2 will shock or frighten you. This turntable is intended to seem to be a turntable, though a well built and completed one, and as such is never going to be an inside decorator’s number one thing.

However, this shouldn’t imply that it doesn’t look great, or a ton like the active Alva TT. A robust, easily completed undercarriage is finished off by a material aluminum plinth with the ‘Cambridge’ logo punched into one corner and three buttons (‘power on/off’, ‘33.3’ and ’45’) well recessed into another. The entire situation is covered by a pivoted, smoked-plastic residue cover.

On top of the plinth there’s an incredibly heavy polyoxymethylene platter, and out of the way a totally new plan of tonearm. For this V2 model, the tonearm now includes hostile to skate as well as stabilizer change and has a separable headshell for simplicity of cartridge-substitution. It’s pre-fitted with a cartridge, obviously – a high-yield Cambridge Audio moving loop choice with a substitution cost (as per the brand’s site) of £499.

Within, the Alva TT v2 utilizes an immediate drive instrument to turn that thick platter – yet this is no DJ-driven turntable for guiding into a blender. Cambridge Audio declares the most ideal way to ensure rotational solidness is to determine a medium-force direct-drive engine related to a high-thickness platter. That is the very thing this turntable has, and keeping in mind that it goes ahead or two longer than you may be hoping to come up to speed, when it’s there it’s unshakeable.

On the back of the undercarriage are various things of interest. There’s power input and a couple of sound system RCA simple results for association with a speaker, which are both essentially good enough.

There’s likewise a switch for the coordinated phono stage – this hardware depends intently on the generally welcomed Alva Duo independent phono stage Cambridge Audio presented some time back and, dissimilar to the first Alva TT, it’s discretionary. Turn it on and the V2 yields at a line-level any speaker can deal with; switch it off and the sign should be supported by pre-amp hardware on board an enhancer or by an outer phono stage.

So on the off chance that the proprietor’s framework as of now incorporates adequate intensification, it’s feasible to contrast the V2’s installed enhancement and that of the framework into which it’s playing and pursue a choice in view of seen sound quality. This is an enhancement for the first Alva TT, the ‘consistently on’ phono phase of which appeared to be somewhat pointless.

There’s likewise a change to become Bluetooth network on or off, in addition to a button to start Bluetooth matching. Not at all like most of Bluetooth-prepared turntables, which are by and large section level gadgets that focus on accommodation over all else, the Alva TT V2 is lethal focused on remote streaming. So it’s predetermined to help the aptX HD Bluetooth codec, and can stream at a really high-goal 24bit/48kHz.

And that intends that in the event that you need a turntable that can sit where you need it to, as opposed to where it demands being, and convey the sound products remotely, well… Cambridge Audio keeps on being one of a kind.

Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2: sound execution
  • Lucid and noteworthy remote execution
  • Truly proficient incorporated phono stage
  • Misses the mark on little dynamism and energy

Dissimilar to most of turntables, there are three different ways of paying attention to the Alva TT V2: Hard-wired to a speaker with phono intensification turned on; something very similar however with the phono stage switched off; and remotely through Bluetooth.

And keeping in mind that there are really clear contrasts in the manner the Cambridge presents your vinyl, its central demeanor doesn’t modify regardless of the manner in which you choose to pay attention to it. In all conditions, it’s a ready, keen and drawing in tune in – and as long as you (and your music) aren’t forever in ‘party on!’ mode, it’s a wonderful tune in.

That it sounds preferable when permanently set up over while streaming remotely shouldn’t shock anybody. What is very alarming, however, is exactly how achieved the Alva TT V2 sounds while streaming through Bluetooth.

With a weighty reissue of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue turning and the turntable gushing to a Naim Uniti Star decoration/speaker while truly associated exclusively to control, the Cambridge sounds full, itemized and very persuasive. There is a very sizable amount of detail held to make the subtleties of the artists’ strategies obvious, and adequate control of the whole recurrence reach to make the recording sound genuinely like a presentation. Bass is profound and nimble, the top end is acceptably fresh, and the midrange imparts in unambiguous design.

The soundstage is sensibly efficient and very broad, and there will never be any chance of one component of the recording barging in into the space of another. Low-level powerful knowledge is great as well – a recording like this is bursting at the seams with minor symphonious varieties, and the Alva TT V2 is aware of them.

It’s not exactly as fruitful where the more extensive unique pinnacles and box of a recording are concerned, however – maybe the Cambridge sounds level or works at a solitary level, yet the powerful recurring pattern of a recording isn’t communicated as completely as it very well may be.

Our Naim doesn’t have any phono enhancement, so the Cambridge is first permanently set up with its inner intensification turned on, and afterward by means of a Chord Huei independent phono stage with the Alva TT V2’s intensification turned off. The distinctions in execution, it must be said, are very unsurprising.

Utilizing its own on-board intensification, the Cambridge acquires a level of energy contrasted with its remote sound. It’s as yet a smooth and nitty gritty tune in, yet low frequencies gain a little cheerful readiness where assault and rot are worried while the top end is somewhat more self-assured as well. It’s simply a more efficient method for tuning in, despite the fact that the general TT V2 sonic mark is a lot of something very similar. When permanently set up, it’s simply somewhat snappier.

The inward enhancement is for sure practically identical to the Alva Duo phono stage on which it’s firmly based, which is unequivocally something to be thankful for. Obviously, however, it’s no counterpart for the pricier Chord Huei phono stage – and keeping in mind that the Chord is lopsidedly costly with regards to the remainder of this framework, it permits the Cambridge to completely show both what it’s able to do and what its limits are.

The molding of low frequencies moves forward again while listening along these lines. Cadenced articulation turns out to be more sure, transient detail recovery improves and the solidarity, the harmony of the singular components of a recording appears to be more normal and intuitive than previously. Indeed, even an over-indicated phono stage can’t help the Alva TT V2’s slight absence of dynamic strength, however, nor persuade more noteworthy certainty from its general presentation.

Would it be a good idea for me to purchase the Cambridge Audio Alva TT V2?
Buy it if…

You maintain that your antiquated arrangement should have some advancement

Shy of turning your records over for you, the Alva TT V2 makes things as basic as could be expected.

You like a decent and simple tune in

‘Simple’ in this case is in no way, shape or form a negative, and sounds perfect through different association choices.

You esteem designing for the good of its own

The Alva TT v2 is a delightfully developed thing, loaded with sharp and helpful tech.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re anticipating that remote should match wired execution

The Cambridge sounds better permanently set up, no ifs ands or buts. Yet, that is continuously going to be the situation, except if some kind of problem with’s your wiring.

You partake in the more instinctive parts of music

The Alva TT v2 isn’t the most frank or dynamic turntable around for the people who like bunches of assault.

You’re after unadulterated execution per-pound esteem

It sounds perfect, however a portion of the expense of the Cambridge pays for its tech and comforts.

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