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The Pro AG324UX is designed for gaming, as you’d expect from a monitor in AOC’s prestigious AGON line. That’s not to say it can’t be used for creative design or general computing, but the emphasis is on keeping joypad jugglers happy with rapid, smooth updates at a high resolution. The IPS panel is 31.5 inches from corner to corner and boasts a pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160, totaling over eight million pixels. It boasts a 144Hz refresh rate and a reaction time of 1ms. These are good results, but if the screen rate lowers, there is some ghosting; make sure you have a Mac with enough power to keep things sharp.

AOC AGON Pro AG324UX Monitor review
AOC AGON Pro AG324UX Monitor review

The monitor may be connected to your Mac through its DisplayPort 1.4 connector, which can also be coupled to a USB-C or Thunderbolt port with the appropriate cable or adaptor. If you want to utilise the monitor with something other than your Mac, there are two HDMI 2.1 connectors available. AOC AGON Pro AG324UX Monitor includes a USB-C connection. Can this high-end display maintain its lead? suitable for connecting to a current Mac laptop; in addition to transporting video and music, it also offers up to 90 watts of power to charge the notebook’s battery. There’s also a four-port USB-A hub with USB 3.1 speeds.

It has a variety of customization possibilities. There are six game modes set up for first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, and racing games, for example, as well as ‘blank’ setups you may customise to your own needs. Even in the middle of a game, switching between them is simple. Simply utilise the KeyPad, which resembles an ice hockey puck and a soap-on-arope. This circular controller fits into your display and allows you to fast and effortlessly swap between layouts. Using the menus with the puck controller is simple enough, but the AOC G-Menu software, which provides much more customization choices, is only available for PC. Guys, come on. This isn’t the 1990s; let’s get it on the Mac as well.

It’s a touch weighty, as you’d expect from a 32-inch gaming monitor of this kind. It has an ungainly stance, with two legs pointing forward at around 45 degrees and a little toe to the back. These legs take up a lot of space on your desk, and it’s tough to locate a riser that fits its footprint. Because the screen is height-adjustable, this is less of a concern, but I like my iMac’s delicate foot with a riser that allows me to tuck my USB hubs behind it.

The screen may also be twirled between landscape and portrait modes using the stand. This may be particularly beneficial for writing, producing a brochure or flyer, or playing old arcade games with a screen that is taller than it is broad, as was usual back in the day. It’s extremely simple – simply turn it.

AG324UX’s colours

The AGON Pro AG324UX delivered excellent results. Because to its anti-glare coating and 178-degree viewing angles, it can be placed practically anywhere and yet be pleasantly seen. Connect it to an Apple TV or comparable streamer, and you’ll quickly appreciate the benefits of the IPS screen. The colours do not vary when viewed from practically any angle in the room.

When it comes to colours, the display truly shines. Even while going quickly, everything appears bright and lively. Color ramps were replicated with remarkable precision in our testing, with smooth blends and solid colours. The screen performs a good job distinguishing between white and almost-white and a reasonable job distinguishing between black and almost-black. Our picture disc image was excellent, with excellent colour reproduction and skin tones, and writing was smooth and legible even at extremely small point sizes.

Everything is sharp and smooth when viewing moving visuals. Even the most intense action scenes are replicated admirably, with little to no ghosting and latency. The sound quality is suitable for general computing and video conferencing. If you want to improve the audio quality of your games or movies, you should invest in a pair of external speakers.




  • Great features
  • Great colour accuracy
  • Too Expensive
  • HDR performance is basic

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