Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd gen)

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Amazon Fire TV Cube- Amazon’s newest iteration of its premium TV-streaming device, known as the Cube, boasts a redesigned appearance.

Unlike its second-generation predecessor, the Cube now showcases an aesthetically appealing fabric mesh enveloping the entirety of the device, replacing the previous plastic casing.

Equipped with smart speaker capabilities, this innovative device enables users to effortlessly summon Alexa through voice commands, much like the functionality found in Amazon Echo devices. Additionally, thanks to its seamless integration with your television, the Cube empowers users to leverage the voice assistant’s capabilities to power on or off the TV, launch applications, and discover desired content for an immersive viewing experience.

Amazon Cube

Measuring a compact 77x86x86mm (HxDxW), the Cube is designed to be placed adjacent to your TV rather than concealed behind it, ensuring optimal voice command reception for Alexa. A prominent LED strip runs along the top edge of the device, providing illumination when the voice assistant is active.

Resolution 4K 2160p
HDR Formats Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR 10+, HLG
HDMI In Port Yes
HDMI Out Port Yes
USB 2 Port Yes
Ethernet Yes
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 6E
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5
Dimensions 77x86x86mm (HxDxW)
Weight 513g
Warranty One-year

At the rear of the Cube, you’ll find a generous array of ports, including HDMI in and out, a power socket, an infrared extender input, a USB 2.0 port, and an Ethernet socket. It’s worth noting that the Cube does not include its own HDMI cable, so if you don’t already possess one, it’s advisable to purchase it alongside your device. On the top surface, a set of buttons is conveniently positioned, enabling easy access to volume adjustment, as well as controls for summoning and disabling the voice assistant.

The Cube provides comprehensive support for 4K streaming, catering to all major HDR formats such as HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG. Additionally, it features Wi-Fi 6E capability, which ensures faster and smoother streaming performance, given that you possess a compatible router. However, for optimal results, connecting the device via the Ethernet port is recommended.

When it comes to content, the Cube offers a wide range of streaming apps, including popular UK terrestrial catch-up services, Netflix, Disney, and, naturally, Amazon Prime Video.

In terms of picture quality, the Cube delivers a solid performance without reaching exceptional heights. While it handles the essentials well, we did observe that it occasionally lacked some vibrancy and impact in certain cinematic scenes. As an audio output device, the Cube provides reasonable sound quality considering its size, although it falls short of delivering the room-filling audio experience found in dedicated high-quality music speakers.

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